Simple Strategy:

1. Start at a high time-frame to get an overview of the market you are wanting to enter. Daily is usually a good starting time.
2. If you can, add Orion to a second chart with a lower time-frame such as 4H.
3. Check the lower time frame to find potential medium term entry points based on where the trend was heading from the higher time-frame.
4. Step even lower to the 1H to find your optimal entry based on the higher times and technical analysis of the charts ( support/resistance , patterns, etc)
5. The momentum wave can be used to find overall trend of the market. When it starts curving up, the market is bullish . When it curves down, the market could be bearish


Intermediate Strategy:

1. Use simple strategy first.
2. Use the Prediction and ∆v curves to see future reversals in the works.
3. You can use these curves as potential entries as well as exit points.
4. Take into account potential divergence of the signal lines and price action.